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12 sets pyrolysis plant installed successfully in Russia


Waste tyre pyrolysis plant adopts the technology of out-of-furnace heating, micro-negative pressure and oxygen-poor thermal cracking. The micro-negative pressure can ensure that the gas in the reactor does not leak out and improve the thermal cracking efficiency. At the same time, the main process parameters of the pyrolysis equipment (pyrolysis temperature, operating pressure, etc.) realize the interlocking adjustment and control, and fundamentally eliminate the unsafe hidden dangers and secondary pollution caused by gas leakage in the production process.

The raw materials are purchased wasted tires, which are transported into the factory by vehicles, unloaded by forklifts and transported to the warehouse. During normal production, the waste tires are transported by forklifts from the warehouse to the automatic feeder in the production workshop, and the used tires are sent to the pyrolysis reactor by the automatic feeder. The whole feeding process is fully automated. The following is the installation site of 12 waste tire oil refining equipment:

tyre to oil pyrolysis plant

tyre recycling plant

tyre pyrolysis plant

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