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Lefilter laboratory is ready to show .


Our lefilter laboratory is completed decoration。

This laboratory is aims to show clients different products as raw material and different final products .

On the desk is lab type pyrolysis plant and oil distillation machine.

lab pyrolysis plant

Raw material we collected from raw materials in life such as plastic and tyres ,rubber,cables ,aluminum foil etc. 

Raw materials

And some fuel oil, carbon black extracted from raw material ,as exhibition


If you have special raw material in your country and want to know the oil yield, pls send me some sample raw material arround 1kg,we can make test for you and test the oil yield for you. 

Welcome to our factory have a vist.

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  • Cell phone: +86-13523737997
  • Add: Headquarters:No.9,Hongli Road,Muye District,Xinxiang City,Henan Province,China.
  • Factory:No.1 Chenfeng Road,Economy Development Zone,Shangqiu City,Henan Province, China.