Recycled rubber made from waste tires is reused to produce new tires


Tyromer and China Tire have cooperated for many years in the field of waste tire recycling. Tyromer's internal recycled rubber has been used by Continental Tire Company of Germany. Tire manufacturers have been reluctant to disclose the use of any recycled materials, so this statement shows that the attitude of the mainland tire industry has really changed. This reaffirms the commitment of the Continental Group to sustainable development. This is the result of the cooperation between the two companies in the circular economy for many years.

In the circular economy, scrap tire rubber is reused to produce new tires. In many cases, tire to tire recycling is the most direct and energy-saving way. Dr. Andreas Topp of Continental Tire said that Tyromer is a partner to supply reliable renewable rubber materials. Both parties have been focusing on the production of new tires from discarded tires for many years. The goal is to use 100% sustainable production materials in the company's tire products before 2050.


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