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In the process of oilfield exploitation, due to tank cleaning, daily inspection and maintenance, downhole operations, emergency rescue and other operations in the station, a large amount of oily sludge falls on the ground, which is stored in the sump of oil production well pads and the centralized storage points of temporary oily sludge in each operation area. There are large safety and environmental risks in long-term storage. The high-temperature pyrolysis technology has thoroughly treated the oily sludge (the oil content of the sludge after treatment can be lower than the national standard of 0.3%), The sludge treated by pyrolysis technology can be directly landfilled. So the customer finally chose Lefilter pyrolysis plant after long-term investigation.

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Indonesia sludge refining equipment

For the sludge refining equipment ordered by the customer, the specific details of the equipment were determined through preliminary design communication. After a series of operations such as production scheduling in the workshop, welding flaw detection and main furnace pressure detection, the equipment finally ushered in its delivery date. As this shipment involves multiple customers in the Indonesia region, the total shipment cycle will last at least 1-2 weeks without interruption.





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