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Lefilter pyrolysis plant makes oil sludge treatment in oil field harmless


Oil sludge is an inevitable product during oilfield exploitation, which is characterized by high water content, toxicity, harmfulness and large volume. Moreover, the thermal wave of oilfield sludge is obvious, which contains a large number of suspended solids, bacteria and corrosives, and the oil content is between 2% and 50%. Different oil sludge has a large difference in nature, which can be divided into landing sludge, refining sludge and tank cleaning sludge according to the type. In the process of oilfield production, a large amount of oil sludge will be produced during downhole operation and production test; A large amount of oil sludge will also be produced due to pipe perforation and production accident blowdown. For a variety of reasons, the above sludge recovery and comprehensive treatment are very difficult, and improper treatment will cause serious environmental pollution.

According to the national standard, although the oil sludge generated from oilfield development is defined as hazardous solid waste, its oil content is not clearly marked, and no specific quantitative indicators are proposed. Under the traditional mode, the disposal methods of oil sludge and related pollutants are relatively simple and crude, or they are directly land filled. In recent years, with the continuous deepening of environmental protection, oil sludge treatment in oil fields has gradually moved towards a harmless road.


Lefilter pyrolysis plant heats oil sludge by using a fully closed circulating system to recycle the hydrocarbons in it. After treatment, the oil sludge can reach the safety discharge standard. The harmless and reduced treatment of oil sludge is complete, and the cracking gas, carbon residue, cracking oil and heat can be recovered. At present, there are hundreds of successful cases at home and abroad.


The complete set of pyrolysis plant production line developed by Lefilter Shangqiu Branch can deal with various organic solid wastes, including oilfield sludge, waste tires, waste mineral oil, coal tar oil residue, medical waste, waste plastics, etc. It realizes the reduction, recycling and harmless treatment of organic solid wastes on the premise of safety, economy and environmental protection. From the perspective of comprehensive treatment effect, Lefilter pyrolysis plant has effectively solved the problem of safe production and environmental protection, and created significant economic benefits for the enterprise.


Proper treatment of oil sludge has significant economic and social benefits. As far as its economic benefits are concerned, the application of advanced oil sludge treatment process in oil field can realize resource utilization, greatly saving production and waste treatment costs. From the perspective of social benefits, it can effectively change the status quo of long-term accumulation of sewage sludge in oil fields. It has significant ecological and environmental benefits. Waste can be recycled after treatment, and can drive the development of surrounding markets. In general, the comprehensive treatment and resource utilization of oil sludge in the oilfield can produce good environmental benefits, social and economic benefits, which are practical and beneficial to the country and the people.

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