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[Lefilter project site] Waste plastic carbonization treatment equipment


Carbonization of Lefilter waste plastics


Recycling of waste plastics has always been the direction of our efforts. Pyrolysis treatment can not only solve the problem of environmental pollution of waste plastics, but also obtain fuel oil, which truly realizes the recycling of waste plastics and turns waste into treasure.


The basic principle of waste plastics pyrolysis refining is to heat waste plastics in sealed containers without oxygen or low oxygen, and complete the pyrolysis reaction under the conditions of no oxygen or low oxygen, normal pressure and airtight. 


The oil and gas from plastic pyrolysis are fractionated and cooled to obtain fuel oil and a small amount of non condensable gas. The non condensable gas is purified by the purification system and reused in the cracking heating system. The solid fuel is continuously delivered to the solid fuel processing workshop after cooling.



Lefilter workshop delivered 2 plastic pyrolysis equipment

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