How to achieve maximum revenue recovery for retired wind turbine blades


Fan blades are one of the core components of wind turbines, which mainly contain thermosetting resin based composite materials reinforced with glass fibers or mixtures, as well as a certain amount of metals such as aluminum and copper, as well as a small amount of epoxy structural adhesive, polyepoxypropylene based paint, and other components. The vigorous promotion of wind power generation has led to more wind turbine blades being put into use. Due to the service life of wind turbine blades not exceeding 20 years, early used wind turbine blades will face issues such as retirement or blade replacement, resulting in a large number of waste wind turbine blades that need to be treated. Therefore, how to recycle and dispose of waste fan blades is an urgent problem to be solved.

Fan blade pyrolysisFan blade pyrolysis

At present, the commonly used method of recycling waste fan blades is the thermal cracking method. Waste fan blades are pretreated to obtain waste fan blade fragments. Under the condition of no or little oxygen under micro negative pressure, waste fan blade fragments are subjected to Pyrolysis reaction to obtain pyrolysis gas and solid products, and then the pyrolysis gas is condensed to obtain pyrolysis oil.

The scrap of waste fan blades is subjected to Pyrolysis reaction under certain vacuum conditions, which not only reduces the temperature of Pyrolysis reaction, shortens the time of Pyrolysis reaction, but also avoids the combustion reaction of waste fan blades with oxygen to generate dioxin, which endangers the health of operators. The resin and other organic substances in waste fan blades are fully Pyrolysis, and the obtained pyrolysis gas is condensed to obtain pyrolysis oil and other products, The obtained pyrolysis oil can be directly used as high-temperature fuel; At the same time, the glass fibers in the waste fan blades can also be recycled, and the obtained glass fibers can also be directly used as fillers or as fine alkali free glass powder raw materials. The recovery rate of resin and glass fibers in the pyrolysis waste fan blades is high, and the waste fan blades can be treated as resources as much as possible.


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