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Main Parts of Pyrolysis Plant


Pyrolysis plant consists of six main system: pyrolysis system, automatic feeding system, cooling system, carbon black discharging system and carbon black collection system, dust removal system and waste gas recovery system.

Main parts and function:
1). Name:Pyrolysis system--Reactor
Material: A.Q345R steel professional for boiler
               B.Stainless steel:304 and 316 materials
he waste tire, plastic and rubber can be cracked in the reactor.
12t Pyrolysis Plant Waste Tyre to Oil
2). Name:Automatic Feeding System
Function: Save labors and save a lot of manual feeding and discharging time, finish feeding in1~ 2 hours to improve production efficiency.
12t Pyrolysis Plant Waste Tyre to Oil

3). Name:Cooling System
Function: The oil gas is cooled separately by condenser, to convert the oil gas into oil.Cooling more thoroughly,higher oil yield,better oil quality.
Type:A.Box Condenser
Function: It is conducive to heat dissipation and ensure cooling effect. Convenient installation and maintenance, long gas cooling time, thick condensing pipeline and not easy to be blocked.
12t Pyrolysis Plant Waste Tyre to Oil

         B. Tubular Condenser
Function: The utility model has the advantages of simple and beautiful structure, convenient maintenance and large cooling area.
12t Pyrolysis Plant Waste Tyre to Oil

4). Name:Carbon Black Discharging System and Carbon Black Collection System
Function:We adopt the whole sealed automatic discharging system to ensure no carbon black flying out,so the whole process is no pollution at all.
12t Pyrolysis Plant Waste Tyre to Oil

5). Name:Dust Removal System
Function: Dispose of fiue gas caused by using wood,coal,oil or natural gas.
12t Pyrolysis Plant Waste Tyre to Oil

6). Name:Waste Gas Recovery System
Function:Full combustion after recovery,saving fuel and maximizing resource utilization.

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