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There are four ways to dispose waste tyre


The scientific and technological progress of polymer materials has brought great material civilization to mankind, but it is easy to age and difficult to self
However, a large number of waste polymer products have emerged due to degradation. Remove the waste plastic with the largest quantity -- white
besides the color pollution, there are a lot of waste rubber - black pollution.

A large number of waste tires not only occupy the land, pollute the environment, harm the health of residents, but also easily cause
fire, resulting in a huge waste of resources. Therefore, from the perspective of economy and environmental protection, the
 waste tires
can be used as a recyclable chemical raw material
.But how to recycle has become an urgent world sexual problems.

At present, the treatment of waste tires can be roughly divided into four types: stacking or landfill, incineration, biodegradation and recycling
There are advantages and disadvantages in the four ways of recycling. From the perspective of environmental protection, recycling is the best way.
Through pyrolysis, the waste tire can be converted into gas, fuel oil, carbon black and other high value-added renewable resources.
There are two main reasons for the development of pyrolysis technology of waste tires: ① pyrolysis is a better way than incineration
a processing method of protection.② The organic matter in the pyrolysis process is converted into a form of renewable resources
The economy is very good.

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