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Main Parts of Pyrolysis Plant


Main Parts of Pyrolysis Plant:
Latest Waste Tire Recycling Machine consists of six main system: reactor, automatic feeding system, cooling system, carbon black discharging system and carbon black collection system, dust removal system and waste gas recovery system.
Main parts and function:
Material:1). Q345R steel professional for boiler
              2). Stainless steel:304 and 316 materials

2、Name:Automatic Feeding System
Function: Save labors and save a lot of manual feeding and discharging time, finish feeding in1~ 2 hours to improve production efficiency.

3、Name:Cooling System
Function: The oil gas is cooled separately by condenser, to convert the oil gas into oil.Cooling more thoroughly,higher oil yield,better oil quality.
Type:1). Box Condenser
Function: It is conducive to heat dissipation and ensure cooling effect. Convenient installation and maintenance, long gas cooling time, thick condensing pipeline and not easy to be blocked.

        2). Tubular Condenser
Function: The utility model has the advantages of simple and beautiful structure, convenient maintenance and large cooling area.

4、Name:Carbon Black Discharging System and Carbon Black Collection System
Function:We adopt the whole sealed automatic discharging system to ensure no carbon black flying out,so the whole process is no pollution at all.
5、Name:Dust Removal System
Function: Dispose of fiue gas caused by using wood,coal,oil or natural gas.
6、Name:Waste Gas Recovery System
Function:Full combustion after recovery,saving fuel and maximizing resource utilization.

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