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Pyrolysis plant's technical parameters


We specialized in manufacturing pyrolysis plant for waste tyre/waste plastic/waste oil slugge, MSW etc.
As for products, we have 5 ~ 15 tons of batch and semi-continuous type pyrolysis equipment, or customized equipment according to the needs of buyers.

If you are interested in pyrolysis plant project, please contact me.

Technical Parameters

Input-Raw MaterialsWaste tire/rubber/plastic/Medical waste/municipal solid waste/waste organic glass
Final productsFuel oil, N220, N330 carbon black, steel wire, flammable gas.
Oil production(T)/24h2.7-3.23.6-44.5-55.4-5.8
Cooling water(T/h)4568
Rotate speed(r/min)0.4
Heating typeDirect heat
Cooling typeWater-cooled
Driving modeInternal gearExternal gear
Reactor materialQ345R/Q245R/310S+Boiler plate/Stainless steel
StructureHorizontal rotation
Host weight(T)20232628
Reactor size(mm)&Oslash;2200*6600&Oslash;2600*6600&Oslash;2600*7500&Oslash;2800*8000
Space needed200-300 square meters (Width:10m, Length:20m-30m)
Combustion value35-50m3
NoteWe supply customized plant,we need some basic information:
What kind of raw material to recycle? 
Tires for car, truck, motorbike...
Plastic of PVC,PE, PP,PS,ABS,bags,acrylic, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge industrial waste material...
What capacity do you need to recycle per day? (Ton)
What fuel do you use?

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