Small scale waste tyre pyrolysis plant shipped to Indonesia


Small scale waste tyre pyrolysis plant shipped to Indonesia 

Indonesia Clients previously has two production line of waste tyre pyrolysis plant.Now they need two more plant because this project help them earn more money. 
They said that in Indonesia, tyre is very cheap and oil sold at very high value. 
They come and order mini waste tyre pyrolysis plant for about 5 ton production capacity , size about 2.2x 6m.
Because this Small pyrolysis plant is effiency for production and  better to keep in 20 feet containers to arrange shippment by sea. 

On August 8,2018.They come again and see the plant loading into the container.

Pyrolysis reactor in the container.

Reactor shell or jacket in container 

If want mini pyrolysis plant, you can contact me without hesitation.


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