What is pyrolysis plant?


Pyrolysis plant is a recycling machine for solid waste like waste tyre, waste plastic ,oil sludge ,MSW, medical waste etc .It can recycle waste to energy ,such as fuel oil ,carbon black and flammable gas.
Besides this ,waste tyre pyrolysis plant also can get wire steel after processing.

Pyrolysis plant process for two steps with simple introduction. 
For the first , Raw material fed to the reactor  will be recycled to oil gas by heating by burning material like coal,wood ,fuel oil or netural gas.
In the second step, oil gas will change to fuel oil by cooling condenser . Some oil gas that can't be condensered, will become flammable gas to use again in the furnance of pyrolysis .
So pyrolysis plant can 100% recycle waste to energy like :fuel oil, carbon bl
ack and flammable gas ,wire steel from waste tyres. 
In a word,the prolysis plant is a renewable  and environmental equipment deals with the waste.

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