Is the tire refining industry illegal?


The fuel oil refined by tire refining is fuel oil, which can be directly used for combustion in large boilers. It can be used as a fuel with high calorific value and economical and practical. .
So why do you see news mentioning that waste tire refining is illegal?
That’s because they used the indigenous method to refine oil. Earlier they used earthen furnaces to produce secretly in remote places. This production method is extremely destructive to the environment. For example, in an oil refinery in Shanxi, they used many soils in the mountains. When the furnace is refining, the black smoke from the exhaust chimney burns the chimneys black. This direct flue gas contains a large amount of sulfur, which is extremely harmful to the environment. After the refining, the carbon black slag is also discharged at will, floating everywhere, and there is no grass in a radius of hundreds of miles. And hundreds of meters away are unpleasant smells. The emitted compounds such as benzene and sulfur seriously damage the environment and affect human health. Later, it was reported that the person in charge of the refinery must not be sentenced in accordance with the law, but must also repair the damaged environment. Only the environmental repair cost is one or two million, which is not worth the loss.
The environmentally friendly tire oil refining equipment produced by our company is an environmentally friendly oil refining equipment approved by the state. Our company has assisted many customers across the country to complete the environmental assessment procedures and conduct production under the condition of national approval. For the exhaust gas, our equipment is equipped with an atomized spray desulfurization tower, which can effectively remove harmful components in the flue gas and achieve emission standards. In addition, the equipment is completely sealed during production, and there is no odor leakage, so there is almost no odor. As for waste equipment, circulating water is used, with zero discharge. After refining, the waste residue can be sealed and discharged by our slag extractor or centralized carbon black air transportation system, which can effectively solve the problem of dust falling freely.


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