With dreams in mind, join hands and start again Lifeierte's


Under the influence of the epidemic in 2020, the company adjusted its strategic deployment in a timely manner, assisted the small partners to reverse the wind, and exceeded the annual goal in advance. According to the company’s mechanism for completing the company’s annual goals ahead of schedule, the company has decided to give the foreign trade team a reward for "self-driving tour in Inner Mongolia". On August 18, 2020, the excellent team started a one-week self-driving tour of Inner Mongolia.

The first stop: Qiao Family Courtyard

Checking in the "Qiao Family Courtyard" in Shanxi, learning the culture of Shanxi merchants, studying the practical significance of recalling the rich and thinking about the poor, walking in the Qiao Family Courtyard, it is as if walking into a magnificent architectural picture.

Second stop: Xilamuren grassland

The vast grasslands, the clouds within reach, the indigenous yurts, the galloping horses, and the idle flocks of cattle and sheep. In this situation, we can't help chanting "The sky is blue, the wild is boundless, the wind blows the grass and the cows and sheep are low". The straightforward girls go to the grassland to ride horses. It seems that the horses that have been tamed for a long time are unavoidable to be afraid of the first encounter.

Third stop: Xiangshawan Desert

It is said that "the sand here can sing!" In the endless desert, I deeply realized the magnificence of "the desert is lonely and the long river sets in the sun". When I was in the desert, I also felt my own insignificance, just like a grain of sand in the desert.

Fourth stop :Genghis Khan Mausoleum

According to a professional guide, "Genghis Khan is a secret burial, and no tomb has been discovered so far. Here is the homonym of the soul." Every flag, every stone, every step, and every painting in the cemetery can tell a story. Admired by Genghis Khan, the first generation great khan of the Mongol Empire, for his lifetime record.

Fifth Station "Yan'an", the Red Revolution Base

Rolling down the river, towering pagoda mountains, walking into Yan'an, you can see the core values of socialism everywhere, and by revisiting the classic movie "Zhou En's Return to Yan'an", let us understand the hard-won happiness of today's happy life and encourage us to remember history , Don't forget your original intention, forge ahead.

The sixth stop: Hukou Waterfall

When you talk about waterfalls, you can think of "Li Bai"'s "flying stream goes down three thousand feet, suspected to be the Milky Way down for nine days." But Hukou Waterfall has another magnificent sight, "The galloping roaring high waves, just like a yellow dragon going down nine days." It's magnificent, like boiling water tumbling in a teapot.

With dreams in mind, join hands and start again.

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