Waste tire refining equipment and supporting environmental p


The customer in Mexico followed the pace of the times and seized the opportunity of recycling used tires to fuel oil. They purchased 2 sets 10T/D waste tire pyrolysis plant from LEFILTER and the equipment was delivered smoothly on July 5.

Waste tire pyrolysis plant can fully dispose of used tires, turning scrap tires into valuable tire pyrolysis oil, steel wire and carbon black. Waste tire pyrolysis plant can not only dispose of used tires, but also dispose of used rubber and waste plastics.
The waste tire pyrolysis plant in Mexico not only solves the pollution problems caused by the accumulation of discarded tires in the area, but also bring high profits for customers. It is looking forward to the early installation of 10T/D waste tire pyrolysis plant in Mexico, put it into production, and that the customer will achieve greater success.

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