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Site of Waste Tire Cracking Project in Guizhou Province, China


A customer in Guizhou learned through a friend's introduction that the waste tire pyrolysis project has high profits and a market for the fuel oil refined from tires, so they have been paying attention to the waste tire refining project. The customer places great importance on the oil yield of waste tire refining equipment. The waste tire refining equipment produced by Lefield Shangqiu Branch is equipped with a classic condensation system, which can fully cool the oil and gas, ensuring a high oil yield. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration by several manufacturers, the customer ultimately chose to cooperate with Lefield Shangqiu Branch.

Tire cracking equipment

Tire cracking equipment

Tire cracking equipment

The customer's on-site operation went smoothly. The 8 sets of cracking equipment are not only reasonably configured, highly automated, and have a large output, but also have undergone appropriate dust removal treatment. Most importantly, customers have obtained high economic benefits from it and look forward to early production.

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