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Vietnam's waste tire refinery is about to be put into operation


Vietnam has an annual processing capacity of 50000 tons of waste tire oil refining equipment installation site, and the goods have been transported across the sea for 2 months. Currently, installation and debugging have begun.

Waste tire pyrolysis site in VietnamWaste tire pyrolysis site in Vietnam

Hydraulic feeding machineWaste tire oil refining feeding machine

The 50000 ton tire refining project produces an annual output of 20000 tons of carbon black, 21000 tons of fuel oil, and 7500 tons of steel wire. After completion, the annual output value can reach 137.95 million yuan, with an average annual sales revenue of 109.1059 million yuan, an average annual total profit of 6.3253 million yuan, an average annual net profit of 4.744 million yuan, an average annual tax and surcharges of 185900 yuan, and an average annual value-added tax of 1.8589 million yuan; The investment profit rate is 31.63%, the investment profit tax rate is 41.85%, the after tax financial internal rate of return is 22.96%, and the after tax investment payback period (including the construction period) is 5.19 years.

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