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P/N. LES-2666
Input material Sludge
Output products Fuel oil carbon black steel wire flammable gas
Capacity/batch 10-11 tons/day.
 Land request 200-300 m2
Certification CE ISO SGS BV
Material of reaction kettle Q345R+Boiler plate/Stainless steel.
Cooling system BOX condenser
Emission standard 100% non-pollution

Used waste tire refining equipment

All over the world, there are initiatives to replace gasoline and diesel fuel due to the impact of fossil fuel crisis and hike in oil price. Millions of dollars are being invested in the search for alternative fuels. The used tire is one by which alternative fuel can be produced and also can be tested the properties of the fuel as well as the performance of the diesel engine by using the used tire refining equipment. Used waste tire refining equipment of LEFILTER can convert waste tires  into fuel and carbon black without pollution.

1. Put used tires into reactor by auto-feeder, then heat the reactor with any one of the following fuel materials: coal, wood, natural gas, oil. Do not stop heating the reactor, when the temperature reaches nearly 250 degree Celsius, waste tire will be transferred to oil gas.
2. The liquid oil will be cooled by condenser from oil gas and then collected by oil tank. Third, the exhaust gas which can not be cooled in normal pressure will be recycled to heat the reactor. In this way, you can not only saving energy, but also protecting environment.
3. Smoke produced by processing the tires can achieve national emission standard through dusting removal device.
4. After get oil, the temperature will be low, at this time, carbon black will be discharged automatically. Last, when the temperature falls to 100 degree , worker could put steel wire hook to reactor to take steel wire out.

After all these steps, you can start another batch:
1. Fuel oil (45%-52%): Oil from used tyre pyrolysis plants can be used as industrial fuel for burning.
2. Carbon black (30%): First, Carbon black from used tyre pyrolysis plants is crude oil . You can sell it to the brick factory as internal combustion or to the factory which need it as raw materials, such as shoe, tire, cable and sealant companies. Second, could make further process, make carbon black powder into carbon black briquette, and use it for burning.
3. Steel wire (30%): It can be sold to the iron and steel company directly.
4. Waste gas (5%): we have a special design could recycling it into fire furnace for burning.

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