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1Input-Raw MaterialsWaste tire/rubber/plastic/Medical waste/MSW/Oil sludge/Aluminum plastic
2Final productsFuel oil, carbon black, steel wire,flammable gas
3P/NLES-2200*6600  LES-2600*6600  LES-2600*7500  LES-2800*8000
5Oil production(T)/24h4
6Power(KW)5.5 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 7.5
7Cooling water(T/h)6
8Rotate speed(r/min)0.4
9Heating typeDirect heat
10Cooling typeWater-cooled
12OperatingIntermittent / semicotinuous
13Driving modeExternal gear
14Reactor materialQ345R
15StructureHorizontal rotation
16Host weight(T)20-28
17Reactor size(mm)Ø2200*6600, Ø2600*6600, Ø2600*7500, Ø2800*8000
18Combustion value35-50m3
19Certification CE ISO SGS BV
20Land request300-400m2
21EU emission standard100% non-pollution

Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

Xinxiang Lefilter Filter Corp.,ltd Shangqiu Branch is a collection research and development,production,sales and after-sales service in one of the specialized,intergrated company. We're specialized in producing waste tyres pyrolysis machine, waste plastic pyrolysis plant,waste rubber pyrolysis equipment, oil sluge pyrolysis machine, Waste tyre Oil/plastic oil,waste motor oil distillation plant,and Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine.All of the machines aims to manage waste and recycle them to energy or other resource,which meet our mission.We have first-class sales team,professinal technical team,efficient production systems and have a perfect customer service system.

Following is our company Strength for reference:
1.10 Year's production experience.
2.24 hours online service.
3.Engineer Overseas Service Provided.
4.Production capacity 25 sets/ month,300 sets anually. 
5.Exported and Installed in India,USA,Brazil,Russia,Turkey,Egypt,Nigeria,Thailand,Indonesia,Australia,England etc.

Convenient 10tpd Used Tire to Fuel Oil Pyrolysis Plant/Machine in Factory PriceXinxiang Lefilter Filter Corp.,ltd Shangqiu Branch mainly includes five product systems, including oil purification, air dedusting, sewage disposal and seawater desalination in addition to pyrolysis plant.
Five Product Systems:
pyrolysis plant
oil purification
air dedusting
sewage disposal
seawater desalination
Scrap Tire Recycle Pyrolysis Waste Plastic to Oil Plant

Product Description

Pyrolysis equipment oil refining plant is a recycling machine for solid waste like waste tyre, waste plastic ,oil sludge ,MSW, medical waste etc .It can recycle waste to energy ,such as fuel oil ,carbon black and flammable gas. Besides this energy ,waste tyre pyrolysis plant also can get wire steel after processing.
Pyrolysis equipment process for two steps with simple introduction. 
For the first , Raw material fed to the reactor will be recycled to oil gas by heating by burning material like coal, wood ,fuel oil or natural gas.
In the second step, oil gas will change to fuel oil by cooling condenser . Some oil gas that can't be condensered, will become flammable gas to use again in the furnaces of pyrolysis plant.
So pyrolysis plant can 100% recycle waste to energy like :fuel oil, carbon black and flammable gas ,wire steel from waste tires. 
In a word, the pyrolysis plant is a renewable and environmental equipment deals with the waste.

Lefilter waste tyre pyrolysis plant uses pyrolysis processing technology to decompose macromolecules into smaller molecules when high temperature.At present, the pyrolysis plant is divided into three types:batch type,semi-continuous, and continuous type.

1. Comparison of different Operations:

Δ Capacity 5T-15T per day , Low investment cost ,Can be loaded with whole tires , no need for shredding.
Δ Auto screw carbon discharging , no dust flying , high efficiency.
Δ Modular design condenser , more convenient for installation and transportation , Furnace door (shape and size) can be designed based on client requirement.
Δ Special emission purification system.

Δ Capacity 15-16T per day, Auto feeding system. Materials needs to be shredded smaller than 50mm.
Δ  Loading under high-temperature, no need to wait for reactor cooling. Fully enclosed production system.
Δ  Auto screw carbon discharging , no dust flying , high efficiency.
Δ Special emission purification system.

3Fully Continuous
Δ Capacity 20-25T tires per day , materials needs to be smaller than 20mm. Auto feeding and auto carbon discharging 24 hour per day.
Δ Whole equipment adopt modular design, assembled in fabrication factory, greatly shorten installation period.
Δ No need for foundation, easy to be transported to another project.
Δ Fully enclosed production, special sealing system to guarantee safety of operation ,no bad smell generated ,no dust flying.
Δ Special emission purification system.


5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

Batch type pyrolysis plant

5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

Semi-Continuous type pyrolysis plant


2. Output products Yield and uses:



Fuel Oil45-55%1. Heating material:sell to cement factory, glass factory, ceramic factory, electric power factory, steel making factory, boiler factory, etc. 
2. Used for heavy oil generator for electricity generation. 
3. Deep process it into diesel oil then can be used in cars,trucks, tractors, etc.
Carbon Black30-35%1. Make it into pellet or briquette as heating material. 
2. Make it into N220, N330, N550 or N660 which is widely used in tire making industry. 
3. Make it into plastic grains then sold to plastic industry.
Steel Wire30-35%1. Sell it to iron and steel factory directly. 
2. Sell it to steel distributors.
Flammable Gas8-10%1. Recycled into furnace to heat reactor instead of coal/wood/oil/natural gas. 
2. Store it then supply the pyrolysis equipment heating,it's recycling.

5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine


Product Parameters

Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

Pyrolysis plant's technical parameters:

Input-Raw MaterialsWaste tire/rubber/plastic/Medical waste/MSW/Oil sludge/Aluminum plastic
Final productsFuel oil, carbon black, steel wire, flammable gas
Oil production(T)/24h2.7-3.23.6-44.5-55.4-5.8
Cooling water(T/h)4568
Rotate speed(r/min)0.4
Heating typeDirect heat
Cooling typeWater-cooled
Driving modeInternal gearExternal gear
Reactor materialQ345R/Q245R/310S+Boiler plate/Stainless steel
StructureHorizontal rotation
Host weight(T)20232628
Reactor size(mm)&Oslash;2200*6600&Oslash;2600*6600&Oslash;2600*7500&Oslash;2800*8000
Space needed200-300 square meters (Width:10m, Length:20m-30m)
Combustion value35-50m3
NoteWe supply customized plant,we need some basic information:
What kind of raw material to recycle? 
Tires for car, truck, motorbike...
Plastic of PVC,PE, PP,PS,ABS,bags,acrylic, rubber, medical waste, oil sludge industrial waste material...
What capacity do you need to recycle per day? (Ton)
What fuel do you use?


Main parts and function:
1. Name:Reactor
Material:1). Q345R steel professional for boiler
              2). Stainless steel:304 and 316 materials
2. Name:Automatic Feeding System
Function: Save labors and save a lot of manual feeding and discharging time, finish feeding in1~ 2 hours to improve production efficiency.

3. Name:Cooling System

Function: The oil gas is cooled separately by condenser, to convert the oil gas into oil.Cooling more thoroughly,higher oil yield,better oil quality.
Type: 1). Box Condenser
Function: It is conducive to heat dissipation and ensure cooling effect. Convenient installation and maintenance, long gas cooling time, thick condensing pipeline and not easy to be blocked.
          2). Tubular Condenser
Function: The utility model has the advantages of simple and beautiful structure, convenient maintenance and large cooling area.

4. Name:Carbon Black Discharging System and Carbon Black Collection System

Function:We adopt the whole sealed automatic discharging system to ensure no carbon black flying out,so the whole process is no pollution at all.

5. Name:Dust Removal System

Function: Dispose of fiue gas caused by using wood,coal,oil or natural gas.

6. Name:Waste Gas Recovery System

Function:Full combustion after recovery,saving fuel and maximizing resource utilization.



5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

Packaging & Shipping

Pyrolysis plants,one 40'FR is for the reactor,and the other 40'FR for the horizontal cooling condenser, 40'HQ containers is to load oil tank,dedust device and other spare parts.The reacor is about 7500m *3200mm*3200mm. It is doable to take 40FR. It is over width and over height. The horizontal cooling condenser is 6000mm*3000mm*1800mm,have good performance for cooling oil gas .
It'sproper for using 40'FR.We also can design vertical cooling condensor for you,pack in 40'HQ,it's according to your request.

5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine


Our Advantages

Feathers of waste tyre pyrolysis recycling machine:
A. Batch and semi-continuous type machines to be chosen.
B. Best Quality and Security: With CE, ISO and SGS certificates.
C. Environmental protection, no pollution, even no emission at all.
D. High oil output: 40%~55% according to Tyre kinds, 75~90% yield from different oil kinds.
E. Advanced technology: No matter in batch systems or semi-continuous systems
F. Perfect sales-after service:Technicians available for overseas maintenance and guidance.
G. Easy operation: During operation, two people is OK.
H. Low consumption of energy
I. No waste generated during operation, all things useful and can be sold or used.

5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine

5-15t/D Waste Plastic Tyre Recycling Pyrolysis Machine


After Sales Service

1. Pre-Sale

&diams;Provide technical guidance and supporting equipment and materials;
&diams; Answer customers' questions, assist customers or design laser processing scheme for customers from the technical point of view;
&diams; Provide equipment exhibition hall for customers to visit, proofing and test machine.

2. Selling

&diams; Assist customers to plan and design the water and electricity equipment of the production site;
&diams; To provide customers with a full set of operating instructions;
&diams; Provide free training to the customer's equipment operators.

3. After-Sale

&diams;1 Years  warranty for whole set machine;
&diams; During the warranty period, the company will also send technicians to the site from time to time to carry out technical patrol and answer the questions raised by customers.


1.What is our Qualification?
We are professional waste tyre and plastic pyrolysis plant manufacturer, with more than 10 years' and 20 years' boiler manufacture experience.
2.What kind of raw material to recycle? 
We specialized in manufacturing pyrolysis plant for waste tyre/waste plastic/waste oil slugge, MSW etc 
Tires for car, truck, motorbike...
Plastic of PVC,PE, PP,PS,ABS,bags,acrylic, rubber, medical waste, oil sludgeindustrial waste material...
3.How many countries we have exported?
Our product have been successfully exported and Installed in India,USA,Brazil,Russia,Turkey,Egypt,Nigeria,Thailand,Indonesia,Australia,England etc.
4.What is our Warranty Period?
The Warranty Period is ONE YEAR with lifelong service and 24 hours online service.


We supply customized plant,we need some basic information. To choose the waste tire pyrolysis equipment and offer a proper quotation for you ,kindly confirm following questions:

1.Raw material :Waste tyre or plastic ?

2.Production capacity ?(ton/day)
3. What's the burning material ?(Choose wood, coal, oil or natural gas as combustion materials,which one?)
4.What kind of pyrolysis equipment?(Batch or Semi-Continuous Type?)
5.What's your plan for this project ? 

6.The final product will be used for?
7.What's the voltage in your country?
8.What's the environmental standard  in your  country?
9.Other special requirements.

If you want to know more information about the pyrolysis plant and other machinery, pls do not hesitate to contact us.Hope to have the chance to coorpation with you in the future.

If you wanna to get more details about the above equipment,You can consult our professional engineer and specialized sales team.Leave a message in below form.We will contact with you ASAP.

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