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Desulfurization tower

一、Working principle of desulfurization tower:

The flue gas enters the desulfurization tower through the air inlet at the bottom of the tower, and rotates and rises due to the guiding effect of the blades of the tray, and sprays the slurry flowing down from the plate into fine mist droplets of tens of microns on the tray, making the contact area between the gas and liquid sharp Increase. The droplets are driven to rotate by the air flow, and the generated centrifugal force strengthens the contact between the gas and the liquid, and finally throws onto the tower wall and flows down along the wall. Since the gas-liquid contact conditions are provided in the tower, the SO2 in the gas is absorbed (desulfurized) by the alkaline liquid, which has a good effect.

二、Characteristics of desulfurization tower:

Due to the special internal structure design, the swirl plate tower determines that it is a high-efficiency general-purpose mass transfer equipment, which has the advantages of large flux, reduced pressure, wide operating elasticity, not easy to block, and high efficiency.

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