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pulse bag filter
pulse bag filter is a high-efficiency bag dust removal equipment with advanced level. It is a large-scale dust removal equipment with large air volume, good dust removal effect, high dust removal efficiency, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and small footprint.

Advantages of pulse bag filter:

1. Without pre-dusting equipment, it can process the smoke dust with a concentration of up to 1000mg/m3 at a time, and the emission is less than 50mg/m3. The process is simple.
2. No blowing pipe is needed inside the bag, and it is convenient to change the bag outside the machine.
3. Embedded elastic bag mouth, good sealing performance.
4. The number of pulse valves is small, the cleaning intensity is large, and the action is rapid.
5. The whole machine adopts microcomputer automatic control, each parameter is easy to adjust, and it can work without posts.
6. The service life of the filter bag is more than two years.
7. Easy isolation maintenance.


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