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Activated carbon adsorption unit

The dusty gas is powered by the fan, and the positive or negative pressure enters the tower body. Because there is unbalanced and unsaturated molecular attraction or chemical strength on the activated carbon solid surface, it can be attracted when the solid surface is in contact with the gas The gas molecules are concentrated and maintained on the solid surface, and the pollutants are adsorbed. After the exhaust gas passes through the filter, it enters the dust removal system of the equipment, and the purified gas is discharged at high altitudes.

The characteristics of activated carbon purification equipment are as follows:

1. High adsorption efficiency, large adsorption capacity, wide application range
2. Easy maintenance, no technical requirements;
3. Large specific surface area, good selective adsorption;
4. Activated carbon has the characteristics of wide source and low price;
5. High adsorption efficiency and strong ability;
6. Simple and safe operation.

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