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Gas inlet: 32mm
Air inlet: 50mm
Spray gun caliber: 150mm

gas spray gun

1. Features of gas spray gun:

(1) The combustion efficiency is high, the pollutants such as blue flame and combustion products NOχ are lower than the national environmental protection standards;
The flue gas injection speed can reach more than 100m/s. According to user requirements, with different burner bricks can get different flue gas injection speed;
(2) Wide power adjustment range, low noise under rated conditions, no tempering, no flashing;
(3) The burner head is made of heat-resistant stainless steel to ensure that the burner head is not oxidized under high temperature. The shell is made of cast iron and has a long service life;
(4) With automatic ignition and detection function, it can be used with automatic igniter and detection controller to realize kiln temperature automatic control and flameout alarm;

2. Application range of gas spray gun:

Tunnel kiln, roller kiln, push plate kiln, heating furnace, quenching furnace, annealing furnace, hot air furnace, boiler, etc.

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