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Atomization dust removal tower

The role of atomization dust removal tower:

①The magnetic ring absorbs the dust in the flue gas.
The filler is made of ceramic Pall magnetic ring, which has the advantages of large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency, and large operating flexibility. In general, it is 50%-100% larger than ordinary Raschig rings. When the hot air passes, the filler magnetic ring has a damping effect on the hot air and separates larger particles of dust. The spray water wets the surface of the magnetic ring, and the hot air passes through. The wet magnetic ring surface absorbs the smaller particles of dust and sprays at the same time. The shower pump evenly sprays water to wash the magnetic ring.
②The spray water pump sprays high-speed water flow through four nozzles to clean the particulate dust contained in the flue gas and clean the impurities adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic ring. The spray water pump matched with the dust removal tower pumps water from the base of the dust removal tower. The water in the dust collector is sprayed into a mist through the nozzle. When the dust-containing flue gas passes through the mist space, the collision, interception and interference between dust particles and liquid droplets Cohesion, dust particles fall down with the droplets. The dust collector has simple structure, low resistance and convenient operation. The spray head in the tower sprays water evenly to separate the fine particles in the hot air. Dust and impurities precipitate in the dust removal base, and the separated clean water is recycled for water mist dust removal.

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