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soft connection

Introduction to soft connection:
      The corrugated compensator is also commonly called soft connection, or expansion joint. It is composed of bellows (a kind of elastic element) that constitutes its working body, and accessories such as end tubes, brackets, flanges, and conduits. Mainly used in various pipelines, it can compensate the thermal displacement of the pipeline, mechanical deformation and absorb various mechanical vibrations, and play the role of reducing the deformation stress of the pipeline and increasing the service life of the pipeline. The connection method of the corrugated compensator is divided into flange connection and welding. Directly buried pipeline compensators are generally welded (except for trench installation)
The working principle of soft connection:
       The corrugated compensator is a kind of compensating device used to utilize the effective expansion and deformation of the elastic element of the corrugated compensator to absorb the dimensional change of the pipeline, conduit or container caused by thermal expansion and contraction, etc., and belongs to a compensating element. It can absorb axial, lateral, and angular displacement.
Soft link detection
       Because different types of corrugated compensators have different compensation forms, there are mainly axial, lateral, angular and combined compensation methods. For a corrugated compensator with multiple displacements at the same time, it is necessary to synthesize the various displacements to find the total equivalent axial displacement. The detection is for the total equivalent axial displacement. In other words, the detection of the nominal displacement of the corrugated compensator is the detection of the total equivalent axial displacement.


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