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Feeding system

The commonly used feeding methods of cracking equipment are manual feeding, hydraulic feeding machine feeding, and screw feeder.
1. At present, the labor force of manual feeding workers is high, the speed is slow, and the working environment is poor. The efficiency is low, but the labor can stack the raw materials, and the reactor with the same volume can charge more.
2. Hydraulic feeder
Feeding by hydraulic feeder, this kind of feeding method has high loading efficiency, basically realizes mechanization, and the labor intensity is low. It is currently the preferred feeding method for customers.Suitable for raw materials such as whole tires, snare tires, and packaged plastics.

3.Screw feeder
This feeding method uses screw drive to feed the materials into the reaction kettle. It is generally used in semi-continuous equipment and is equipped with a special sealing device to realize the rotary sealing of the main furnace.
This type of feeder has poor versatility and is only suitable for granular, powder, and block materials (with a size not greater than 30*30), which has certain limitations. In terms of raw materials for tires, a pretreatment process is needed to cut, cut, and crush the tire into blocks and then crack them. This increases the cost of raw materials and can only reduce the profit space.

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