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Model: GZW-I
Caliber: DN20-600mm
Pressure: 1.6-4.0MPa
Material: Carbon steel (WCB, cast steel)

GZW-1 pipeline flange flame arrester

Working principle of GZW-1 pipeline flame arrester

GZW-1 pipeline flame arrester is a safety device used to prevent the flame of flammable gas and flammable liquid vapor from spreading outward. When designing flame retardant internals, regular packings with MESG values and a certain flame retardant velocity value are designed according to different mixed gas media, gas composition, pressure drop, aspect ratio, and number of elbows. When the flame enters the flame arrester, it is cut into many small flame streams by regular flame arresting elements. Due to the heat transfer and wall effect, the incoming gas is cooled, so that the cooled gas does not reach the ignition temperature, and there is no ignition The temperature can not form a combustion, and eventually the flame flow is quenched, so as to achieve the purpose of fire suppression.

Features of GZW-1 pipeline flange flame arreste:

1. Simple structure, easy maintenance, safe and convenient.

2. The valve disc is made of PTFE material, which has low temperature resistance and good antifreeze performance.

3. The shell of the new all-weather breathing valve is made of stainless steel, cast steel and aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance.

4. The performance is in full compliance with the SY7511-87 standard of the Ministry of Petroleum Industry.

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