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No. Items Contents
1 Input-Raw Materials Waste tire/rubber/plastic/Medical waste/municipal solid waste/waste organic glass
2 Final products Fuel oil,  carbon black, steel wire,flammable gas.
3 P/N. LES-1400*4400
4 Capacity/24h 1Ton/Batch
5 Oil production(T)/24h 0.4
6 Power(KW) 7.5
7 Cooling water(T/h) 6
8 Rotate speed(r/min) 0.4

Mirco waste tyre recycling plant

Main function of Mirco tyre recycling plant

Mirco tyre recycling plant is also called mini pyrolysis machine which can recycle waste tyres mainly from car repair shops into fuel oil, carbon black, steel wire and combustible gas according to the principle of pyrolysis.

This Mirco tyre recycling plant mainly used to test the overall quality and operability of the equipment, and some customers also used to test the yield of raw materials. If the customer wants to do the tire pyrolysis project, he can buy a small scale tyre recycling plant at a lower price to test the effect of the project, and then start the large production for 10T or 12T tyre recycling plant.

Main workflow of Mirco tyre recycling plant

1. Feeding waste tyres

Feed the waste tyres into the pyrolysis reactor via an automatic pusher.

2. Heating pyrolysis reactor

One of coal, gas, wood, etc. can be used as fuel to heat the reactor at the bottom. The pyrolysis reactor of DOING Company is a rotary design, which rotates uniformly while heating, so that the raw materials can be uniformly heated. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the waste tyres will be pyrolyzed into oil gas.

3. Cooling down the oil gas

As the heating progresses, the oil gas generated in the pyrolysis reactor will enter the condensing system along with the pipeline. Cooling by circulating cooling water in the condenser, some of the oil gas can be cooled into liquid and collected into the oil tank. The left oil gas will go to the tail gas cleaning and odor removal system.

4. Tail gas treatment

Tail gas cleaning and odor removal system can remove fumes or odors among the left oil gas, then what's left is a portion of the gas that can't condense. This non-condensiable gas will be used to heat pyrolysis reactor.

5. Carbon black and steel wire discharge

When the pyrolysis reactor is cooled to below 40 degrees, discharge the carbon black and steel wire from the reactor.

The specific advantages of tyre recycling plant

1. The pyrolysis reactor adopts Q345R standard boiler plate which thickness is 16mm and can withstand high temperature and high pressure.

2. The pyrolysis reactor adopts a unique 3-step welding process , which is not easy to crack and has a long service life.

3. External insulation system is installed outside the pyrolysis reactor to avoid heat loss and save energy.

4. The pinion rotating device of pyrolysis reactor has a low power and does not directly contact the reaction vessel. It has less heat transfer and is not easily deformed.

5. The whole set tyre recycling plant is designed with safety devices, such as oil-water separators, water seals, vacuum devices. Water seals can purify oil gas, tail gas, and prevent oil gas or tail gas backflow. Vacuum devices can provide negative pressure to drain oil gas in the pyrolysis reactor when a batch of operations is completed.

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