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P/N. LES-2666
Input material Sludge
Output products Fuel oil carbon black steel wire flammable gas
Capacity/batch 10-11 tons/day.
 Land request 200-300 m2
Certification CE ISO SGS BV
Material of reaction kettle Q345R+Boiler plate/Stainless steel.
Cooling system BOX condenser
Emission standard 100% non-pollution

6 tons of waste tire pyrolysis equipment per day

一、Applicable Materials

  items Raw Material Description
 1 Waste tires The most popular materials for waste tires , final products can be fuel oil,
steel wires and carbon black, average oil yield  40%-45%.
 2 Waste Plastics Plastics can be PP/PE/PS/ABS,PP/PS  60%-70%,HDPE around 80%,
ABS about 40%. plastic pyrolysis will generated a large scale of
combustible gas,which will be recycled in the system.
 3 MSW Mixed MSW needs to be sorted firstly, plastics separated from MSW can
be processed, oil yield of mixed plastics will be 30-50%.
 4 Medical Waste Medical waste needs to be disinfected by microwave before processing in
pyrolysis system, oil yield will be 30-50%.
 5 Aluminized Paper Aluminized Paper can be processed by pyrolysis system, oil yield depends on
materials , averagely plastic including materials is 35%, aluminum around 20%. 
 6 Waste Cables Oil yield of waste cables depend on the materials, PE cable can reach above
70%, Rubber cables around 35%, metals (copper or aluminum) will be separated.

 二、Comparison of different Operations

No Operation Description
1 Batch    Capacity 6T-15T per day , Low investment cost ,Can be loaded with whole tires , no need for shredding.

   Auto screw carbon discharging , no dust flying , high efficiency.

   Modular design condenser , more convenient for installation and transportation , Furnace door (shape and
       size) can be designed based on client requirement.

   Special emission purification system.
2 Semi-continuous    Capacity 15-16T per day, Auto feeding system ,Materials needs to be shredded smaller than 50mm.

   Loading under high-temperature, no need to wait for reactor cooling ,Fully enclosed production system.

   Auto screw carbon discharging , no dust flying , high efficiency.

   Special emission purification system.

三、Advantages Description

· Customized design, configuration adjusted to meet your different requirements.
· Modular design cooling system, combining oil gas cooling system, oil storage tank and hydroseal, more convenient for transportation and installation.
· Auto screw discharging system, with water cooling, make sure high efficiency, production safety, fully enclosed to eliminate dust flying, meet higher environmental standards, better care workers’ health.
· Steel structure burner and reactor base, reduce civil works, and shorten installation time.
· All products certified by CE and ISO, also SGS.

四、Application Of Final Products

Pyrolysis oil :
· Can be used directly in the heavy oil generator to get electricity.
· Part of it can be used back to pyrolysis machine for heating the reactor.
· Can be sold directly, widely used in ceramic factory, cement factory, steel factory, hotels, etc.
· Can be refined to be non-standard diesel, can be used in the diesel generator, boat, and other heavy duty low speed diesel engines.
· Will be recycled to the furnace for heating the reactor.
Carbon black :
· Can be pressed to be briquettes and used as fuel.
· Can be used to produce rubbers pads , rubber belt , soles, etc.
· Can be further reprocessed to be higher quality, and used as fortifier and filler of plastic and rubber industry or as color master batch.
Steel Wires ( from waste tires) :
· Can be sold directly to steel factory.
Combustible gas :
· Will be recycled to the furnace for heating the reactor.

五、Profit Analysis (10T/D)

Daily Running Cost
Item Unit Price Total Amount
Price of raw materials  USD55/T, 10T USD 55/T*10T=550USD
Salary for workers USD15/person/day 4 person*USD 15/person/day= USD 60
Fuel consumption 420m3, USD0.43/m3 USD0.43/m3*420m3=USD 180.6 
Electricity consumption 18KW/H, USD 0.12/unit 0.12/unit*18kw*18h=USD38.88
Other Cost USD 20 USD 20
Total   USD 849.48
Daily Income
Pyrolysis oil (45%) 4.5T, USD420/T 4.5T*USD420/T=1890USD
Steel wires (15%) 1.5T, 180USD/T 1.5T*USD180/T=270USD
Carbon black (30%) 3T, USD 50 /T 3T*USD50/T=150USD
Combustible gas (10%) Recycled in the system  
Total   2310USD
Remark: The above datas come from Chinese Market, just for your reference.
Daily Profit 2310USD-849.48USD=1460.52USD
Monthly Profit (25 days) USD 1460.52/day*25 days=36513USD
Yearly profit (10 months) USD 36513/month*10 months=365130USD 

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