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P/N. LES-2675
Input material Waste tyre
Output products Fuel oil carbon black steel wire flammable gas
Capacity/batch 10-11 tons/day.
 Land request 200-300 m2
Certification CE ISO SGS BV
Material of reaction kettle Q345R+Boiler plate/Stainless steel.
Cooling system BOX condenser
Emission standard 100% non-pollution

Overview of 12 tons of waste tire refining equipment

The waste tire oil refining equipment pyrolyzes waste tires at high temperature to obtain tire oil, carbon black and steel wire, so as to maximize the recycling of waste resources. This series of oil refining equipment adopts environmentally friendly and pollution-free thermal cracking treatment method for waste tires. Lifeierte Shangqiu Branch is a professional and technical production enterprise, focusing on the effective utilization of waste for many years. The cooling effect during the operation of the equipment can reach 180m, making the oil output rate reach 40%-45%.
Working principle of 12 tons of waste tire refining equipment:
Waste tire oil refining equipment refers to the rupture of the polymer with unsaturated bonds in the main chain of the rubber under anaerobic or anaerobic conditions and the appropriate temperature. The products are mainly monomers, dimers and fragments, and the products are polymerized into multiple A process in which olefins are removed from volatile substances and form solid carbon. The products are mainly storable energy such as fuel oil and cracked gas, carbon black and steel wire. The composition of each product varies with the pyrolysis method and pyrolysis temperature. .

Technical parameters of 12 tons of waste tire refining equipment:

Waste tire oil refining equipment
Model: 12T
Raw material: waste tires
Working method: intermittent
Structure: horizontal rotation
24 hours processing capacity: 12 tons
Feeding method: manual feeding or automatic feeding
Working pressure: normal pressure
Host speed: 0.4 rpm
Slag discharge method: dust-free slag discharge in the center
Installed power: about 10-12kw
Dust removal system: spray dust removal, activated carbon adsorption, photo-oxygen deodorization, desulfurization
Fuel: coal, firewood, natural gas, diesel, etc.
Transmission mode: gear transmission
Heating method: direct heating
Installation method: installation with foundation
Noise: ≤85dB

Profit analysis of 12 tons of waste tire refining equipment:

1. Input:
Waste tires: 750 yuan/ton, 750 yuan * 12 tons = 9000 yuan.
Salary: average 300 yuan/person/day, 300 yuan*3 people=900 yuan.
Electricity cost: 12 hours of electricity consumption totals about 300 kilowatts, about 300 yuan.
Fuel: At present, many provinces have completely banned the burning of coal. Tyre oil and natural gas can be used as fuel. There are many restrictions on natural gas. It is recommended to use tyre oil as fuel, and the usage amount is about 400 kg.
Total daily investment: 9000 yuan + 900 yuan + 300 yuan = 10200 yuan.
2. Output:
Tire oil: Calculated according to 40% oil yield, 12 tons of tire * 40% = 4.8 tons of tire oil, the remaining 4.4 tons of fuel for 400 kg. The market price is 2700 yuan/ton *4.4 tons = 11880 yuan.
Steel wire: 15%*12 tons=1.8 tons, the market price is 1500 yuan/ton, 1.8 tons*1500 yuan/ton=2700 yuan.
Carbon black: 35% * 12 tons = 4.2 tons, the market price is not less than 300 yuan / ton, 4.2 tons * 300 yuan / ton = 1280 yuan.
Total daily output: 11880 yuan + 2700 yuan + 1280 yuan = 15840 yuan.
3. Net profit:
Daily profit: total daily output-total daily input = 15840 yuan-10200 yuan = 5640 yuan
Monthly profit: 5640 yuan * 25 days (calculated based on 25 days per month) = 141,000 yuan
Annual profit: 141,000 yuan * 10 months (calculated based on 10 months per year) = 1.41 million yuan.

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